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U.S. Telecoms 2018 Symposium

U.S. Telecoms 2017 Symposium

Phoenix Center Teleforum:
Previewing the "Restoring Internet Freedom" NPRM
May 17, 2017
YouTube Video: [url]

U.S. Telecoms 2016 Symposium

Phoenix Center Teleforum:
USTelecom v. FCC - A Legal & Economic Post-Mortem
June 16, 2016
YouTube Video: [url]

U.S. Telecoms 2015 Symposium

Phoenix Center Teleforum:
"USTelecom v. FCC:  Understanding the Legal Arguments on Appeal of the FCC’s Open Internet Order"
September 10, 2015
YouTube Video: [url]

Phoenix Center Teleforum:
The FCC's Open Internet Order: A Law and Economic Analysis
March 24, 2015
YouTube Video: [url] Presentation Slides [pdf]

Phoenix Center Teleforum:
Federalism, Preemption and Municipal Broadband"
January 22, 2015
YouTube Video: [url] Presentation Slides: [pdf]

U.S. Telecoms 2014 Symposium

Phoenix Center’s Teleforum “Tariffing the Internet.”
October 8, 2014 [url]

U.S. Telecoms 2013 Symposium

Phoenix Center Webinar
"Understanding the Economic Effects of Bidder Exclusion Rules"
July 18, 2013. [url]

U.S. Telecoms 2012 Symposium

U.S. Telecoms 2011 Symposium

Regulatory Expenditures, Economic Growth and Jobs: An Empirical Study

U.S. Telecoms 2010 Symposium

Phoenix Center Workshop: The Broadband Credibility Gap

U.S. Telecoms 2009 Symposium

Phoenix Center Workshop:
Understanding Broadband Metrics: The Broadband Adoption Index
Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Full Conference Video and Presentations

U.S. Telecoms 2008 Symposium

U.S. Telecoms 2007 Symposium

Phoenix Center Annual State Educational Retreat 2007

U.S. Telecoms 2006 Symposium

Phoenix Center Annual State Educational Retreat 2006

U.S. Telecoms 2005 Symposium

Phoenix Center Second Annual State Educational Retreat 2005

U.S. Telecoms 2004 Symposium

2004 State First Annual State Regulator Retreat
Phoenix Center Holds National Press Club Roundtable on the FCC’s Triennial Review 1 Jan 2003

(Transcript and participants bios). [pdf file]

National Press Club Small Business Roundtable 28 Jan 2003

U.S. Telecoms 2003 Symposium

U.S. Telecoms 2002 Symposium

U.S. Telecoms 2001 Symposium