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2014 Year in Review…

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2014 provided fertile soil for those interested in policy research. So with New Years rapidly approaching, I want to uphold tradition and use our last blog post of the year to highlight what we at the Phoenix Center thought to be the most interesting policy issues of 2014 and to provide some select examples of where we believed we added constructively to the debate. Spectrum Availability and Allocation While spectrum policy is always complex, the debate again boiled down to the fundamental questions: how do we free up more spectrum; and once we do, how do we allocate it? For Continue Reading »

A Little Kvelling About 2012…

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With the holidays rapidly approaching, I thought I would use our final post of the year to provide a brief summary of the Phoenix Center’s many activities in 2012.   (We will be releasing a comprehensive summary of our activities in our Annual Report after the New Year.)  As always, the Phoenix Center in 2012 was both prolific and influential. To begin, the Phoenix Center issued eight (8) scholarly papers in 2012.  The topics we covered involved a wide range of issues, including on-line intellectual property theft, spectrum exhaust, usage-based pricing, the secondary market for spectrum, the effect of regulation on Continue Reading »